Mamma Mia! – East Coast Regional Premiere

I had the honor to music direct this exciting regional production of Mamma Mia! Antoinette DiPietropolo directed and choreographed while the amazing Alexander Rovang conducts the performances.

Band includes Anthony Brindisi (Keyboard 2), Douglas “The Coyote” Baldwin (Guitars), Russell Brown (Bass), and Josh Endlich (Drums).

Great reviews so far:

New York Times

“The band, under James Olmstead’s musical direction, provides a driving rhythmic support.”

Long Island Press

“Music is what has made Mamma Mia! a sensation. The extraordinarily talented James Olmstead, who has been at the helm for Engeman’s best-loved musicals, is once again the musical director. Known for his expertise in maximizing the sound of the pit band, and his skillful re-orchestration, he is at the top of his game, and it shows, big time.”


“James Olmstead’s band keeps the disco beat throbbing to the pulse of urgent young love, past and present.”

NY Theatre Guide

“Music Director James Olmstead and the entire band, do a superb job with this fast-paced score.”

Smithtown Matters

“Music Director James Olmstead’s appealing numbers at the heart of this show…”

Broadway World was there for opening night.